Online Course Design: Our Process

As you can imagine, designing and building an online course is a bit of a process. It takes care, effort, collaboration and as much time as you can get your hands on to do it well. In this post, which includes a video, an infographic and even some writing, we’d like to describe a little bit about the process that we follow at Trent Online to bring your courses “fully online”.

And as an added bonus (for us, mostly) we took it as an opportunity to use one of the tools we have at our disposal when building course, the light board!

So let’s begin there. Below is a lightboard video in which Maureen Glynn (aka More England, according to Yuja auto-transcription) and I describe how an online course grows. Directed, produced, and edited by Kristine Weglarz.

Trent Online’s Course Design Process explained on a lightboard

If you made it to the end of the video, you now know that my drawing of our process has not yet reached its potential. So, to complement the video, we’ve also created an infographic which we hope helps you to visualize what we described in the video.

The online course design process
Trent Online
(takes the structure of a flower)
in the centre: The 
Workbook Online Course Design for Humans
Next ring out: Module maps - Identifies goals, strategies, resources, assessments 
next ring out: Module scripting =Written narrative that pulls together events & materials to guide the building of the module
next ring out: Module 
Builds - take narratives from scripts and build into real course components 
outer ring: The Completed Course - Put it all together and you've got yourself an online course!

Any resemblance to the CBC logo is coincidental and mostly unintentional. We like to think of it all coming together as a blooming flower. And we hope to have the opportunity to grow one with you some time in the future!

Interested in learning more? Great! That’s what we hoped. We have something called the Trent Online Community Site available in Blackboard that covers everything in detail. If you’d like us to enroll you, please contact us online[at]

Photo by Kiki Siepel on Unsplash

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