Heading Out on Our Learny Journey

Trent Online Hosts the Ontario Extend mOOC 2021 This Spring

Ontario Extend is a professional learning micro-credential from eCampusOntario which helps educators to build on the skills needed for teaching in a digital age. There are 6 modules that make up the Empowered Educator framework: Teacher for Learning, Technologist, Collaborator, Curator, Experimenter, and Scholar. Trent Online is hosting an open offering of the program this spring and you are more than welcome to join us! .

This winter the would-be facilitators of the program are planning to walk the walk themselves by taking the program and sharing their work for you to see the kinds of things you’ll be getting up to. Much like the Beastie Boys were 3 MCs and 1 DJ, the Trent Online Extenders are 3 Designers and 1 Technologist. Stephanie Park, Kristine Weglarz and Terry Greene (eLearning Designers) and Christian Metaxas (eLearning Technologist) have already begun their journey through the initial module, Teacher for Learning. The module seeks to “Examine teaching approaches and strategies that foster student learning in specific contexts.”

One of the great benefits of Extend is that the work you are asked to do results in producing things that will help you in your teaching. Through the rest of this post, you will see what each of us have done with the first two Extend activities: Misunderstood and The Syllabus Concept Map.


I’ve taught Tech Tools, an Elearning Design and Training course at Lambton College since 2018. In the course, students expand upon their work on in another course I teach that introduces them to the basics of teaching online. In this course, students learn, amongst other things, how to use Camtasia to edit and create videos and interactive media for elearning, so we focus a bit on concepts specific to video creation. My answers are here.


For the last eight months, I’ve been neck-deep in assisting Trent faculty with the transitioning of their in-person courses to remote courses containing both synchronous and asynchronous components. I plan to draw on that work as I tackle the Extend activities. I’m really looking forward to having this opportunity to reflect on the rapid evolution of skills, the incredible resilience, and the shifting perspectives that have transpired in the world of online education. Here’s the link to my activities this week. Have a look and leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!


Currently my headspace has been occupied with questions about how to improve process for our office and enhance PD for our instructors and faculty. I used these first couple of activities to reframe my thinking about some questions and comments we’ve received regarding one of our LMS resources: a template and ‘How To’ guide that instructors can upload into their course shells and use to implement material fast. Using analogy and visual concept maps, I am to clarify language use and explanations. You can take a look at my working document as it stands thus far by clicking this link.


This semester I am teaching a course called Facilitating Online Learning for Lambton College, in their eLearning Design Training & Development program, so you will likely see some of my Extend work focused on things that support that course. Teaching online about teaching online gets kind of meta, so please excuse me if I get lost in a metaphor or something! Have a look at my response to the first two activities here. Feel free to comment on the Google Doc itself if you’d like.

What’s Next?

Next week we’ll be jumping in to the exciting world of note-taking with the Cornell Notes approach! Don’t forget to add your name to the list if you’re interested in joining us in the spring. See you next week!

Featured Image credit: Photo by Yusuf Evli on Unsplash

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