The Not-So-Distant Learning Podcast with Amanda Paxton

I know that I’ve become a better teacher through the process… I think of what I’ve learned through working with Trent Online as a kind of pedagogical version of constraint based poetry.

Amanda Paxton

In this first proper episode of the Not-So-Distant Learning Podcast, co-hosts Maureen Glynn and Terry Greene chat with Professor Amanda Paxton about working with Trent Online to create an online version of her course “Write in Time”.

Some of the things we touch on:

  1. Constraint based poetry like the sonnet.
  2. Social Annotation tool
  3. Grammar Police Facebook page
  4. Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell
  5. House Plants
  6. Cobra Kai

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Stay tuned for the next episode which will feature Professor Else Marie Knudsen and her course SWRK 1000!

Photo by LeeAnn Cline on Unsplash

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