The Not-So-Distant Learning Podcast with Dr. David Patton

“I think without question there are going to be some students who will not be comfortable in the in-person lecture hall in the next few years… and that gives us a reason to try and make our courses essentially fully accessible to students who aren’t there in person.”

Dave Patton

In this episode of the Not-So-Distant Learning Podcast, co-hosts Maureen Glynn and Terry Greene chat with Trent University’s sole Astronomer on faculty, Dr. David Patton, about how we took Introductory Astronomy I into a new, online space!

Some resources mentioned throughout the conversation:

  1. Seeing Mars in the Night Sky
  2. NASA image of the day
  3. The H5P Studio from eCampusOntario
  4. Yuja and Badly Dubbed Kung Fu Movies

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Featured image: NASA image of the day

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