The Not-So-Distant Learning Podcast with Else Marie Knudsen

The main benefit, I think, was the ability to step back before we even ever started talking about how the course was going to look and… ask some big questions about what we were actually doing.

Else Marie Knudsen

In this episode of the Not-So-Distant Learning Podcast, co-hosts Maureen Glynn and Terry Greene chat with Dr. Else Marie Knudsen about how she worked to build not just an online version for her Social Work 1000 course, but also an entire community centre to go with it.

Some of the things we touch on:

  1. The SWRK 1000 Community Centre
  2. Online Course Design for Humans Workbook
  3. Flaming Whac-a-moles
  4. Online Learning Student Assistants
  5. The “Are You Struggling” student decision tree thing (H5P)

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Stay tuned for the next episode coming soon!

To view a version of this podcast with a transcript, please view the episode here.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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