Ontario Extend mOOC: The First Peak

Extend Radio 2021 Pre-mOOC Episode 2

You can think of each of the Ontario Extend Modules as a hike to the peak of a small mountain. Today we find out if the Trent Online team successfully scouted out and reached their first peak in preparation for offering you the Ontario Extend mOOC this May.

We invited eCampusOntario’s Lindsay Woodside to join us for Episode 2 of the rebooted Extend Radio Show. Lindsay’s job was to reveal whether or not Stephanie, Kristine, Terry and Christian would be awarded their Teacher for Learning Badges. You’ll have to listen to find out if they made it! (Although Terry had done it before, so it’s kind of like he took the gondola up.)

We hope you enjoyed the listen! More importantly, we hope you’re interested in joining us this Spring (starting May 5th) for the 2021 Ontario Extend mOOC, hosted by us at Trent Online. If you are, simply add your name to the list by filling out the form here and we will follow up with some details!

Photo by Ray Aucott on Unsplash

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